We have the equipment to stream various cameras to social media


Live Stream Production

We offer cameras, computers, video switchers, software and all necessary connections to make an interactive stream work.  


Livestreaming to facebook is a definite must. We can stream to private groups or for any paid events that require a digital ticket for entry.


Twitch has become the most popular website to stream any type of event. It is used mostly for gamers but can be easily accessible to everyone else.


YouTube has become the most reliable source for live streaming across the world. It is easily accessible to stream to their website

We can stream to more websites!

We can stream to multiple sources/websites at once with our customized software.  We also have GoPro’s and HD cameras available for whatever view is best.  Did we mention that we can make it interactive for the viewers?  

Our ATEM switchers are meant to handle many camera inputs and record every single input for post-production editing.  Certain upload internet speeds will be needed for a successful stream.  

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